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Why Choose Us?

More than 3 Years Sets us apart!

What Set Us Apart?

What Set Us Apart?

Experience the difference of quality Air Conditioning.

Coolfort AC Solutions is proud to be an authority on providing high quality Air Conditioning Professional Services in Miami-Dade (305), Florida. This year we are celebrating our Third (3) Anniversary impacting families, homes and commercial business throughout 50+ Miami-Dade areas. Our customers receive top affordable air conditioning solution and protection with each of our premium quality professional installation and/or maintenance. Whether it is a single AC Coil Cleaning, replace a Condenser, Blower, Compressor, or a complete home AC installation/replacement project, no matter the size or complexity, we have the professional experience and skills to serve you with the right service solution need.

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Your Confort and Relief Starts Here!

We’re committed to helping you achieve the best home cooling service possible. We offer an extensive range of services, products and financing. We can help you bring a sense of quality into every room. We are engineered to meet the challenges of the unpredictable accidents that threaten your homes.

Ready To Get Started? Have any question? Click Here to request online your In-Home Service. Let us discuss, explain and answer any and all questions you may have. We look forward to providing you the best cooling experience you currently need.

Coolfort AC Solutions care for all Customers as family members. That means cutting-edge installation and timely matter by experts who genuinely care about your air conditioning home needs. We are looking forward to meeting with you soon!

Why Choose Our Air Conditioning Services?

Below are some of the several commitments we follow to fulfill our air-conditioning unique services.

  • Local and Reliable: As a local (305) AC service provider, we have a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. Our customers can depend on us to provide timely and efficient services, and we have a strong commitment to the local community. We are available to provide same-day emergency services, ensuring that our customers can count on us in times of need.
  • Professional Expertise: Our super-cool team consists of skilled and certified technicians with years of experience in the industry. We provide ongoing training to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies to offer the best solutions to our customers.
  • Listening and Understanding: We create a warm and inviting experience for each person who walks through our service. Beyond your Air-Conditioning needs, we care about you as a person and take time to learn what you want in order to deliver fully personalized care.
  • Guiding You: We understand you have specific goals and concerns about your AC needs. We walk you through the improvement options while discussing the options that will best work for your needs. By providing you with understandable AC facts information, we ensure you are able to make informed decisions about your home cooling service.
  • High-Quality Products/Parts: We use only the highest quality products for installations and repairs. We work with reputable brands and suppliers to ensure that our customers receive reliable and long-lasting solutions for their air conditioning needs.
  • Ensuring a comfortable, and pleasent environment: Although we are highly skilled and high-tech, we never neglect the human connection. Our staff are warm, friendly, and compassionate. We appreciate the opportunity to care for your needs and to build lasting relationships with our Customer family.
  • Exceeding your expectations with our experienced and professionalism: You will have a comfortable, no-pressure experience. We don’t push you into any installation and/or repair or any type, we ensure a simple, no hidden fees or cost process. Your questions are welcome and your understanding of every stage of your air conditioning improvement is our priority.

We know you’re unique and so are your air conditioning needs as well as your budget requirements. Enjoy a warm welcoming where we understand that all Customers are different and require individualized care. We believe in providing custom results, but recognize that the overall AC improvement experience is crucial, too. That’s why we customize installation for each individual's home goals and expectations. Since there is no single air-conditioning needs that works for everyone, after your in-home service request, we’ll discuss your needs, your goals, and we will customized the ideal cooling solution and improvements that works for you.

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Leading, Reliable, Trusted Brands!

As a local Air-Conditioning Service Company, Coolfort AC Solutions have a well known 3 years reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. We are Miami-Dade certified and we only offer to our most value assets (our customers) the nation's leading trusted financial, manufacturer, supplier, carriers on each industry. Although there are more, each of these brands below one way or another are the reasons on why we can provide such local unbeatable service.